LAM: Carving tales, image & language



February 19 – April 25, 2015

Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 6pm

2 buque

GER-ART GALLERY is proud to offer an exquisite exhibition of Cuban surrealist artist: “Wifredo Lam: Carving Tales, Image and Language“, featuring 21 original engravings.

On display are twelve Wilfredo Lam lithographs inspired by El último viaje del buque fantasma (The Last Voyage of the Ghost Ship) by Nobel Prize winning Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez.

Also featured are nine Lam etchings inspired by the poem Contre une maison séche (In a Crude Mountain Shelter) by French poet René Char.

The artist has a unique multicultural background. He was Chinese on his father’s side; Cuban and Spanish by his mother. He was born in Cuba, and spent most of his adult life in Europe. His artistic sensibilities allowed him to use music and literature both as aesthetic references and sources of inspiration. He can be considered a key figure in the group of intellectuals regarded at the time as the world’s political consciousness.

Wifredo Lam lived for several years in Paris. His longtime friend, Pablo Picasso, openly showed admiration and support for him, and became his main connection with many members of the Parisian avant-garde including Braque, Matisse, Léger, Éluard, Breton, and Pierre Loeb.

GER-ART GALLERY is an Atlanta based showroom interested in serving as a two-way bridge between the art harvest of the local and Latin-American scene. GER-ART GALLERY focuses on modern and contemporary expressions with an emphasis towards works on paper and prints.

In acknowledgement of the upcoming High Museum Wifredo Lam retrospective, Imagining New Worlds, (February 14 – May 24) GER-ART GALLERY offers an experience of the artist’s expressions of literary work as a carver and lithographer.

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